Monday, May 16, 2011

Blue and Red Party on a Budget

As I've mentioned before my little man had his second birthday here recently. Seeing as we know few people here in Germany, we kept the event really low key and didn't invite many people. But that didn't mean that my little guy didn't deserve a spectacular party, right? I think I honestly had too much fun putting it together and photographing it (well, not photographing it so much). This party was designed and assembled on a budget. Not counting the items I already had on hand like twine, scissors, tape, printing paper, etc. I spent twenty-five euros on the whole thing, which is about thirty-six US dollars. This cost even includes purchasing/making the three cupcake stands!

All the stationery items like the invite and the banner I created myself. I wasn't sure what theme to go with but just decided to go with a vintage feel with a few of my favorite fonts. I actually didn't start planning this party until the Monday of the week the party was on, so it's also possible to achieve a great looking party with minimal time. Here's some of the printed items I created for his party:

I printed everything at home on heavy cardstock paper. For food, I made cupcakes, brownie bites, and marshmallow pops in addition to having such party staples as colorful gumballs and m&ms. I put the larger items on some cupcake stands that I made from some ceramic vases and plates that I found at my dollar store.
I love the way these turned out. I can't wait to use them for different occasions as well as just regular home decor. I made three because sets of similar items always look better in odd numbers (don't ask me why, but generally they do).

Some party details:

As you can see, I didn't stick to the strictly red and blue theme, but added in some punches of color with the food. I'm by no means a professional photographer, or chef, so you'll have to excuse my sloppy photos and food. I assure you little Link didn't mind one bit! Oh, and I'd also recommend that if you're planning on dying your icing to match your colors, don't buy the spring yellow icing (even if it's on sale). The icing turned out a bit too aqua/tealish. Oops. :)


  1. Adorable party! Love red and aqua together!

  2. What a clever idea for a party. Nicely done!

    I wanted to let you know about The 52 Weeks of Happiness Project going on over at my blog every Tuesday. Please join me in my quest to scout out happiness for a whole year. Simply post a photo of something that makes you wildly happy and tell us all about it. Here is a link to last week's carnival if you want to see what it is all about.

  3. I really like the things you created. It makes me feel bad that I am creatively challenged. *lol*

  4. Thanks guys for the kind words! I really just had entirely too much fun putting it together for a two year old that didn't care so much as he got his cupcake!

    Thanks, Leigh, for the invite. I'll definitely have to check it out!


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